I am a Tech Transfer Officer in a university wanting to create impact from my academics' technologies, research and expertise. We offer you:

  • A single global IP marketplace to replace, or complement, existing fragmented tech transfer processes
  • An online automated transaction process to save on time and cost
  • Ways to showcase inventions, innovations and IP to a broad market in line with increasing pressure to achieve value and monetization of publicly funded research and development
  • Opportunity to build the profile of academic departments and their key staff
  • A way to attract the best external partners for research collaboration projects

I am the Director of a small company specializing in engineering technologies, software solutions, business-tool designs or creative products such as computer games. We offer you a platform to:

  • Strengthen your business model and to speed business growth through IP trade, licensing or franchising
  • Benefit from an online automated IP transaction process to save on time and cost
  • Showcase your innovations and IP trade to build financial credibility with investors or lenders
  • Identify academic or corporate partners for collaboration

I am a photographer, inventor or designer wanting to fund my activities or have entrepreneurial aspirations. We offer you:

  • An effective and low-cost route to global market presence
  • Ways to become an entrepreneur and kick-start your business through IP trade, licensing or franchising
  • 'One-step' automated licensing feature dramatically increases transaction efficiency

I work with IP licensing of medical technologies; I am looking to acquire the best engineering solutions for my company; or I simply want to put my company's classic brands and unused IP to the market for as yet unexplored revenue. We offer you:

  • The go-to marketplace for selling or out-licensing innovations and IP
  • A single global site for identifying suitable acquisition or in-licensing opportunities
  • Efficient and effective screening and alerting functions to reduce time and effort of IP search
  • An online automated and standardised transaction process to save on time and cost
  • Completely free service for buyers and in-licensors


We democratize access to knowledge, ideas and creativity globally, by building the world's most user-friendly marketplace for IP

This is how we do it:


  • Automated IP search and match-making of IP sellers and buyers or those wanting to license
  • Online execution of IP assignments and licences, complying with international IP rules and regulation
  • A standardised and transparent framework for buying, selling and licensing IP to save legal fees of IP traders, reduce time spent in negotiations, and cut down on bureaucracy and paperwork
  • Simple way to generate revenue from IP

We provide the go-to global market place for IP trade and licensing

This is how we do it


Patents ● Copyrights ● Trademarks ● Trade Secrets ● Designs ● Technology ● Scientific projects ● Know-how


  • Combining high-value complex innovations and fast-moving lower value IP on the same platform.
  • Thousands of units of IP listed and hundreds of users – global corporations, world class universities & public research organizations, growth businesses, technology agencies and individual innovators already on board.
  • Support from IP brokers and agents available.